With your first consultation I aim to do the following:

•     Nutritional assessment – analysis of your dietary history

•     Anthropometry assessment - which includes height, weight, and waist circumference

•     Clinical assessment - evaluation and interpretation of any visible clinical signs

•     Lifestyle assessment

•     Biochemical assessment of relevant blood results.  If needed I will request additional blood tests

•     Diet planning – determination of individualised diet prescription and diet plan for energy,   macro- and

       micronutrients (you will receive this at your second consultation)

•     Nutritional education and explanation of nutritional principles

•     Provision of diet sheets and relevant written information


•     Body composition evaluation including body fat percentage, lean muscle mass etc.

•     Blood glucose testing

•     Blood pressure measurement

Follow up appointments:

•     Implementation of appropriate diet

•     Meal planning and menu planning

•     Monitoring including weight and measurements

•     Analysis of food diaries to establish adequacy of dietary intake

•     Change of meal plans if and when necessary

•     Information regarding new research, products etc.

Nutrition education at follow up appointments can include:

•     Glycaemic index

•     Glycaemic load

•     Insulin and blood glucose response

•     Science of weight management e.g. setpoint

•     Ketosis in weight reduction

•     Label reading

•     Supplements and micronutrients

•     Ergogenic aids

•     Dietary Fats

•     Fibre

•     How to deal with food cravings

•     Sugars/sweeteners

•     Food groups

•     Antioxidants

•     Disease prevention e.g. cancer / type II Diabetes / Heart disease through a healthy diet

•     Screening
•     Individual nutritional assessment
•     Group implementation
•     Individual follow ups
•     Group educational sessions
These assessments are used with great effect when dealing with sports team. In such a case implementation can include seasonal differences in diet as well as education on specific sports nutrition aspects, etc..
Includes corporate talks or groups with special areas of interest
•     Sports nutrition
•     Fertility
•     Autism
•     Paediatric nutrition
•     ADHD
•     Healthy eating
•     Disease prevention
•     Tailormade talk based on your need
Many companies are realizing the value of providing employees with opportunities to improve health and wellness.  Salveo nutrition can assist with the following:
•     Corporate wellness days
•     Corporate wellness presentations
•     Newsletters
•     In-house catering consultations
•     In-house private consultations
•     In-house Discovery vitality nutrition assessments
•     Tailormade offerings based on your need
If you are unable to visit the practice, I can offer you a long distance consultation, either via email, Skype or telephone.  To request such a consult, please provide me with the following information
*Full Name: *Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
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*Skype: *Preferred Consultation:
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